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The Trees
Gift Card

Gift cards are the perfect solution for any gift-giving occasion.

Give one to a friend, a family member, or to show your appreciation to a co-worker or employee.

Use the card for convenience … Not only do they make a great gift, they are a convenient payment solution for anyone to use as a substitution for cash or credit cards while picking up a coffee on the way to work or school, grabbing a quick lunch, or treating a friend to a slice of cheesecake.

And don’t worry; the Trees Organic Card has no fees and no expiry!

Reload your card at any time

Trees Organic Gift Cards can be activated with any value, and when the time comes, can be reloaded again and again.
Visit your nearest Trees location to purchase and reload your card, or reload online here.

Register your card

When you register your card, you’ll be able to protect your balance in case of loss or theft. As an added benefit, you’ll also enjoy extra perks!

Report a lost or stolen card

If you’ve lost your card, you can complete this form and in no time, you’ll have a new card sent to you with your current balance. Please note that only cards that have been previously registered can be replaced.

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