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Freshly Roasted Coffee, Cheesecake and Baked Goods

Since 1996, Trees Organic Coffee has been doing things differently to keep coffee traditional. The original store that started it all off is located in Vancouver’s downtown core at 450 Granville Street. The company has since grown to multiple locations around Vancouver, with a combination of franchised and corporately run cafes. Trees also provides wholesale coffee and cheesecakes to businesses, restaurants and pubs.

Trees Coffee is something truly unique. Trees’ owner Doron Levy travels the world personally selecting the beans, buying only 100% certified Organic coffee. Each of our coffees is skillfully roasted at the Granville Street Roasting House in small batches, to ensure quality. This delicate attention to detail guarantees that only the freshest, highest quality coffee reaches our customers.

Trees prides itself on its exceptional quality of coffee from around the world, all of which are certified Organic, shade grown, bird friendly, hand picked and fair trade. By starting with only the highest quality Organic beans the coffee has an unmistakable pure flavour. Then, the careful roasting of each bean in small batches reveals the full-bodied flavour. Our outstanding bean quality along with in-house roasting allows us to offer you an exceptional cup of coffee with freshness beyond compare. Our customers are not only enjoying best, freshest coffee but by buying Organic they are making a responsible choice that has a positive effect on the environment.

Over the years, Trees has become somewhat of a destination for cheesecake. Using a special recipe based on the traditional “New York” cheesecake, our customers have come to love the creamy texture of Trees’ cheesecakes. Prepared each day, there’s always a variety of flavours available to choose from.

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