Trees famous Cheesecake + Organic Coffee

We are
truly something wild.

We believe in a ‘less is more’, small-batch approach, to ensure that only the freshest, highest quality, purely flavoured products are delivered.

Small Batch Coffees

Since 1996 we have been working hard to select the best beans we can find from all over the world. We value the unique differences that origin and varietal offer, and enjoy sharing these unique tastes with you in our 100% organic fair trade coffee.

Single Origin Beans

Each growing region lends itself to the flavour profile of the coffee that grows there. The soil, elevation, climate, and even the surrounding vegetation makes for a unique flavour combination. By offering single origin coffees from around the world, you can experience the pure flavours in each of our coffees.

Our Famous Cheesecake

Voted Best in Vancouver

It is our passion to make the best cheesecake Vancouver has to offer. Our unique recipe uses natural ingredients. Enjoy it over coffee with a friend, take one home for dessert, or order your favourite cake for a special occasion.

Our Services

Office Coffee + Tea

We’ll provide you with the equipment to brew and serve our coffee & tea. Installation and servicing of coffee machines free of charge. Delivery is free of charge (subject to conditions).


Trees Organic caters a variety of pastries, coffee & tea, sandwiches, salads, specialty platters, cheesecakes, and desserts, servicing downtown Vancouver.

Wholesale Coffee

If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then we’d like to make it easy for you to buy wholesale. Ask us for our for attractively priced volume buys.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the perfect solution for any gift-giving occasion … Give one to a friend, a family member, or to show your appreciation to a co-worker or employee.

we are west coast wild

Walk tall.

By staying true to our roots, we endaevour to deliver products that are an expression of the strong, bold, wild Pacific Northwest that we cherish so much. Down to earth, pure and uncomplicated.