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If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then we’d like to make it easy for you to buy wholesale. Ask us for our for attractively priced volume buys. We’ll provide you with the equipment to brew and serve it. Installation and servicing of coffee machines free of charge. Delivery is free of charge (subject to conditions).

Give us a call at 604.684.5060 and we’ll gladly arrange a tasting for you and your staff.

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Trees Cheesecakes are a great addition to any restaurant or your business establishment’s dessert menu. With a reputation for having the “Best Cheesecake in Vancouver,” you too can serve your customers this delectable treat. With our wholesale cheesecake program, you get a delicious high quality dessert, delivered to your back door and ready to serve. Just add garnish! We offer a variety of flavours, including a rotating monthly feature flavour. You have the flexibility to serve as many of as few varieties as you like.

Current Cheesecake Flavors:

Classic New York
Raspberry White Chocolate
Chocoholic (triple chocolate)
Maple Walnut
The Sin-Belgian chocolate & cherry

Ask about our current monthly feature!

Organic Fair Trade Coffees

Organic Peru
Medium Roast; sweet and smooth, medium body with nice acidity.
Organic Honduras
Medium Roast; rich and creamy with a lot of body.
Organic FT Colombia
Medium Roast; sweet and smooth with a nice, light acidity.
Organic Mexico Chiapas
Medium Roast; creamy and well-rounded with a smooth body.
Organic Indonesia Gayo (Sumatra)
Medium-Dark Roast; smoky, spicy and full-bodied.
Organic Papua New Guinea Korofeigu
Medium Roast; honey sweet with a full, syrupy body.
Trees Signature Blend
A wonderful full body, with a delicate spiciness and sweet aroma.
Organic Swiss Water Decaf
Medium-Dark Roast; full bodied, smoky and smooth.

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Black Teas

Orange Pekoe Dimbula
High grown, the best Dimbulas, such as this one, are picked during the dry seasons (January and February). A black tea made of long twisted leaves; full-bodied infusion gives a dark and very aromatic drink
English Breakfast
This class English Breakfast is a blend of specially chose teas from Ceylon, India, and China, brough together to deliver a full-bodied and satisfying taste
Classic Earl Grey
A secret blend of teas combined with Italian Bergamont oil revives the Earl Grey first enjoyed by England’s dukes and duchesses in 1803. Discover the deliciously crisp citrus and spice notes this royal-caliber tea has to offer
Sweet, Spicy Chai
Carefully selected black teas provide the perfect backdrop for our spicy chai mix, creating a rich, fragrant drink designed to bring warmth and comfort to your day
Tie KuanYin (Oolong)
This Oolong tea is produced in the Province of Fujian, on the coast of the Anxi County in China. Its lightly cooked leaves emit a rich, floral fragrance. Its liquor is clear and smooth and its aroma is reminiscent of fresh orchids

Green Teas

Jasmine & Flowers
Jasmine flowers are picked in the morning and kept in a cool place for the afternoon. Tea leaves are then placed nearby for 4 hours to absorb the flowers’ aroma for a delicate, well-balanced taste
Green Japanese Bancha tea, mixed with Genmai hulled rice kernels and corn, produces a light brown and slightly salty infusion. A whole newtake on Bancha!
Sencha Asamushi#20
This authentic Japanese green tea is cultivated in Japan’s misty mountain of Shizuoka.ITs carefully picked leaves offer a fresh, well-balanced infusion
Naturally caffeine-free, its strong menthol flavor will invigorate your mouth. Excellent after meals


African Honeybush
Indigenous to the cape of South Africa, Honeybush is used to make medicinal tea and as a substitute for regular tea. It has a pleasant, mildly sweet taste and honey-like aroma. It is also naturally caffeine free

Herbal Teas

Red Rooibos
This caffeine-free, South African red herbal tea is from the Aspalathus Lionaris plant. Its red liquor resembles tea, and is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants
Chamomile is one of the most widely used herbs for its calming properties. It is an anti-inflammatory that encourages digestion and boost the immune system. Its taste is sweet and herbaceous

If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then check out our wholesale offers.


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