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Wholesale single origin organic coffee at special prices. Everything you need.

Trees is pleased to offer wholesale pricing for customers who are interested in our products for their establishment.  Our products include coffee, cheesecake and other baked items at competitive pricing and makes us the perfect choice.

Give us a call at 604.720.4133, email wholesale@treescoffee.com or fill up the form below and we’ll gladly arrange a tasting for you and your staff.

Single Origin Organic Coffees from Around the World

Always Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade & freshly roasted in small batches.

All our coffee beans are carefully roasted in house at our Strathcona locationBy roasting the coffee on-site and in small batches, we can ensure the freshest, highest quality product and gauge the flavour to suit any palette.

Ethiopia Coffee

light Roast; delicate lemon, floral and tea, sweet flavour and aroma

Mexico Coffee

Medium Roast; dark chocolate, Roasted Nut and Stone fruit. Creamy and well-rounded.

Colombia Coffee

Medium Roast; raspberry, peach, apple. Well balanced with a nice light acidity.

Peru Coffee

Medium Roast; chocolate, Molasses, Apple. Full flavor, medium body with chocolate undertones and a sweet finish.

Papua New Guinea Coffee


Medium Roast; honey sweet with a full, syrupy body

Honduras Coffee

Medium Roast; cocoa, caramel, stone fruit. Rich and creamy, with hints of brown sugar and nuts.

Sumatra Coffee

Dark and robust, with sweet tobacco and earthy undertones.

Decaf Coffee

Medium-Dark Roast; full-bodied, smoky and smooth


Trees Cheesecakes are a great addition to any restaurant dessert menu. With a reputation for having the “Best Cheesecake in Vancouver,” you too can serve your customers this delectable treat.  

Current Cheesecake Flavors:

Classic New York
Raspberry White Chocolate
Chocoholic (triple chocolate)
Maple Walnut

Ask about our current monthly feature!

Freshly Baked Goods

We carry a selection of baked goods which we produce in-house at our production kitchen at Strathcona.  Products are in the works for our wholesale customers, but will include scones, muffins, and more items to come!  Please contact us for more details on our baked products.

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