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Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee’s vision is to simply make the world and its people happy. It is our mission to brighten up your day with an early morning boost, tasty lunch or afternoon treat.
We offer different ordering options to suit what you need.  From an in-store pickup to Catering Order (corporate only).

In-store pickup

Get the Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee app to easily order your favourite food for pickup and more. Simply browse our menu, choose your items, pay & pick up your order!


Trees Organic caters a variety of pastries, coffee & tea, sandwiches, salads, specialty platters, cheesecakes, and desserts, servicing downtown Vancouver.


If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then we’d like to make it easy for you to buy wholesale. Ask us for our for attractively priced volume buys.

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