Our Teas

Tea from Trees

Not a coffee drinker or wanting to change things up during the day, then try our selection of loose leaf teas. Black, green or herbal, we have something for everyone.

Already had too much caffeine today? Many of our teas are low in caffeine, or completely caffeine-free.

You will find these teas in all of our stores, and an even wider selection in our Granville store.  Our teas are also available for retail sale.

Learn more about tea with our tea know-how and fun facts 

Black Teas

English Breakfast Tea

Full bodied with some fruity notes

Irish Breakfast Tea

Malty taste with bold highlights, strong enough for early morning

Earl Grey Tea

An unbelievable aroma with a delightful taste

Indian Spiced Chai Tea

Superb body with mellow Indian spice notes

Moroccan Madness Tea

Black tea with refreshing and invigorating touch of Moroccan peppermint

Green Teas

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea

A blend of high quality green tea, sweet cherry blossom and morning rose flavour

Japanese Fukujyu Tea

Made with young tender leaves, this tea has strength and a captivating fresh green tea aroma

Jasmine Chinese Tea

Green tea with the enchanting flavour of spring jasmine blossoms

Herbal & Fruit Teas (without caffeine)

Egyptian Chamomile Tea (herbal)

Very aromatic with a fruity, tending floral flavour

Vanilla Rooibos Tea (herbal)

Sweet vanilla notes. Enriched with nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium and fluoride

Lady Hannah Tea (fruit)

Refined taste that is bright with strawberry and blackberry. Rich in vitamin C.