Wholesale Coffee & Tea

Wholesale Coffee & Tea Service for Offices & Restaurants

If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then we’d like to make it easy for you to buy wholesale. Ask us for our for attractively priced volume buys.

We’ll provide you with the equipment to brew and serve it. Installation and servicing of coffee machines free of charge. Delivery is free of charge (subject to conditions).

Give us a call at 604.684.5060 and we’ll gladly arrange a tasting for you and your staff.

Download our Vancouver coffee & tea service brochure.

Organic Fair Trade Coffees

The perfect medium coffee with full flavour, great body and aroma.
An exquisite balance of acidity and body with a spicy, smoky flavour.
Considered one of the world’s finest with a full body, rich flavour and great acidity.
A dark to medium body with a unique dry chocolate flavour.
Famous for its intensity with a rich, bold and robust flavour.
Costa Rica
Rich and hearty, well developed taste, analogous to a good Burgundy.
Trees Signature Blend
A wonderful full body, with a delicate spiciness and sweet aroma.
Swiss Water Decaf
A flavourful coffee processed without the use of chemicals, gives you all the taste with minimal caffeine.

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Black Teas

Orange Pekoe
A classic black tea to suit any palette
English Breakfast
Full bodied with some fruity notes
Irish Breakfast
Malty taste with bold highlights, strong enough for early morning
Earl Grey
An unbelievable aroma with a delightful taste
Decaf Earl Grey
A full flavour cup tending bright with excellent Earl Grey notes
Darjeeling Indian
Black tea with a distinctive musky character
Indian Spiced Chai
Superb body with mellow Indian spice notes
Decaf Orange Spice
Smooth, superb orange flavour that is enhanced with spicy cinnamon notes

Flavoured Black Teas

Moroccan Madness
Black tea with refreshing and invigorating touch of Moroccan peppermint
Fresh and crisp lemony taste
Mango Mist
Fresh mango character that tastes like a sunny day
Sweet with piquant caramel notes and a wonderful maple essence
Delicious tangy raspberry character
Vanilla Cream
Sweet fresh vanilla and a lovely creamy quality
Fresh strawberry taste with hints of cream
Peaches & Cream
Tastes like a bowl of sweet peaches and smooth velvety cream

Herbal Teas

Ti Ruan Oolong
A distinctive light cup that has hints of orchid-like flavour. Excellent for quiet moments.
Formosa Oolong
Smooth, slightly sweet, toasty with a touch of dryness
Yerba Mate
Unique Brazilian tea high in caffeine. Has a greenish and vegetative character
Egyptian Chamomile
Very aromatic with a fruity, tending floral flavour
Cool and fresh with a strong taste
Fruity with sweet notes. Enriched with nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium and fluoride
Lemon Rooibos
Slightly sweet taste with refreshing hints of lemon grass
Vanilla Rooibos
Sweet vanilla notes give the rooibos a wonderful exotic depth

Green Teas

Japanese Fukujyu
Made with young tender leaves, this tea has strength and a captivating fresh green tea aroma
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
A blend of high quality green tea, sweet cherry blossom and morning rose flavour
Light, golden yellow liquor with a unique toady rice flavour
Osprey Gunpowder
Green tea with surprising body and a captivating taste. Slightly vegatative but refreshing and clean
Jasmine Chinese
Green tea with the enchanting flavour of spring jasmine blossoms

Herbal and Fruit Teas

Blues Eyes
A blend of apple pieces, rosehip, cornflower petals, hibiscus and a hint of caramel
Angel Falls Mist
A wildly exotic tea with strawberry, lemon, hibiscus and calendula petals
Lady Hannah Tea
Refined taste that is bright with strawberry and blackberry. Rich in vitamin C

If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then check out our wholesale offers.