Single-use Item Reduction Strategy

Effective Jan 1, 2022, business licence holders must :

  • Stop using single-use plastic and compostable plastic shopping bags
  • Charge a minimum fee of $0.15 for paper shopping bags and $1 for new reusable shopping bags in 2022
  • Increase minimum fees to $0.25 per paper shopping bag and $2 per new reusable shopping bag in 2023
  • If receipts are given, show the fees charged for paper and new reusable shopping bags as a separate line item (or line items)
  • Ensure paper shopping bags contain at least 40% recycled content and are labeled “recyclable” and “made of 40% recycled content”
  • Ensure new reusable shopping bags are designed and manufactured to be capable of at least 100 uses
At Trees, we are fully committed to helping reduce plastic waste and pollution, even during the pandemic. We have ensured we are aligned with the latest public health guidelines to protect the health and safety of residents, businesses, and their staff.

More information can be found by visiting the links below

Information for Business, Charities and Non-Profit – https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/businesses-and-charitable-food-providers.aspx

Information for Residents – https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/residents.aspx

Zero Waste 2040 Strategy – https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/zero-waste-vancouver.aspx

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