In Store Coffee Subscription

In Store Coffee Subscription

Save daily when buying in advance.

Choose ANY drink

Redeem ANY drink within the size of your subscription

Redeem is EASY

Present your Card Subscription to the cashier and order your drink

In Store Coffee Subscription

Customers will be able to buy their drink in advance, with discount. Each Subscription card is valid for 10 drinks and customers will have to buy another card once it is finished. 
There are 3 categories: 12oz, 16oz and 20oz
  • Valid for ANY DRINK within the size described on the subscription
  • Changing size is not permitted unless another subscription is bought.
  • Valid ONLY at the store where the subscription was bought from.
            I.e. A 12oz Subscription was bought at 450 Granville St. This customer will be able to redeem their 12oz drink ONLY at 450 Granville St store.
  • To redeem, present the card to the cashier and order the drink.
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