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Trees Coffee & Roasting House

A European style cafĂ© – laid back & somewhat bohemian. The perfect place for meeting people or to just relax and let time pass while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Come visit and enjoy 100% Organic & Fair Trade Coffee, decadent cheesecakes, fresh pastries, sandwiches and more.

Small Batch Coffees

Single Origin

Since 1996 we have been working hard to select the best beans we can find from all over the world. We value the unique differences that origin and varietal offer, and enjoy sharing these unique tastes with you in our 100% organic fair trade coffee.

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Famous Cheesecakes

Voted Best in Vancouver

It is our passion to make the best cheesecake Vancouver has to offer. Our unique recipe uses natural ingredients. Enjoy it over coffee with a friend, take one home for dessert, or order your favourite cake for a special occasion.

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Cafe Femenino


We are proud to offer a special coffee – Cafe Femenino. The Cafe Femenino Project is a beyond-fair-trade program that helps women coffee farmers. Part proceeds go directly back into the hands of the women who produce this coffee for assistance with social and economic development in their communities.


Feature Cheesecake

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