June 2014

Coffee 101. Roasting Coffee Beans

Probat RoasterIf you’ve ever visited our flagship Granville Street café, you’ve certainly seen our big coffee roaster right in the store. That coffee roaster isn’t just decorative; every day, we roast our organic coffee beans in-house, creating the flavourful coffees that you know and love.

You already know that the flavour of your coffee depends on where the coffee is grown around the world, and how and when the coffee beans are harvested. There’s literally a world of coffee flavours available for tasting. One of the biggest factors in the taste of your cup of coffee comes from how it is roasted! The flavour of green coffee beans is utterly different from what you get after you apply the heat – it’s all in the chemical reaction that brings out the best in the beans! (more…)

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Tessa Mouzourakis

Vancouver Coffeehouse Musician Tessa MouzourakisAs usual, we’ve got some amazing musical lineups at our music nights at our flagship Granville Street cafe. This Friday, the talented Tessa Mouzourakis performs at our coffeehouse stage. Winner of the international musical competition, Your Voice in the Park for her video, The Kid in Me, this local singer-songwriter has garnered plenty of radio play and presence at local venues like the Mix and the Cellar night club. She’s our latest coffeehouse musician profile.