March 2015

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Jodi Doidge

Jodi Doidge performing at Trees Organic

Where in Vancouver can you experience the best cheesecake, organic coffee, and live music? Only at Trees Organic! There’s an extraordinary lineup, in March, of musical talent for our popular and weekly Friday live music nights at our flagship Granville Street coffeehouse. To kick things off, performances by Jodi Doidge, Haley Blais, and the Familiar Wild band are a must-see.  Haley Blais combines her soft fluttering vocals with her unique ukulele music, while the band Familiar Wild delivers a distinct sound between orchestral folk and melodic pop.  Jodi Doidge, a Vancouver-based ‘vocal songbird and musical maven’, is our highlighted musician this month.   Her heartfelt lyrics and music are a fusion of various styles – alt-pop, country, folk, rock and indie.  To give you a better appreciation of her work and upcoming projects, Trees Organic is happy to share our recent chat with Jodi. (more…)

Go Nuts Over Almond Marzipan Cheesecake in March

Almond Marzipan Cheesecake Trees Organic
Marzipan, in various languages, means the ‘bread of March’. Therefore, it seems only fitting that we pay tribute to this beloved confection as this month’s featured cheesecake – Almond Marzipan.   Imagine a creamy blend of marzipan with hits of almond bits, combined to create one of our more scrumptious cheesecakes. (more…)