Summer – the perfect season for bikinis and CHEESECAKE!

The weather is finally getting nice and if you’re like me that means it’s the beginning of the much dreaded bathing suit season! I’d attempted to start yet another diet in anticipation of an upcoming pool party when I was faced with a major dilemma. Trees brought back its mango cheesecake for the summer and as a PR consultant for the cafe, I needed to try it if I was going to start promoting it.  

I’ve tried sampling many of Trees sensational cheesecakes before – the Cranberry Orange at Christmas, the Irish Cream for St. Patty’s Day, the Sin for Valentine’s Day –  and every time a little sample turned into a full on binge.  Trees cheesecakes are truly the creamiest most irresistible cakes in town and the mango cheesecake is no exception. With its fresh chunks of mango and velvety texture, I was over my diet the moment it hit my lips. It was all worth it though, even if it stays forever on my hips.
I’d highly recommend coming into Trees for a piece of mango cheesecake while its still available. Or how about bringing an entire cheesecake to your next pool party and watch those bikini babes just try to resist!
Life is short, make it sweet – eat some cheesecake!


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