Blog + News Month: August 2011


Our Vancouver & Richmond Cafes Are On Foursquare. Will You Be Mayor?

Trees Organic roasting house and cafe Foursquare social media Vancouver RichmondWho will be the next Mayor of Trees Organic? Actually, since there are four locations, including our Granville café, Yaletown, Gastown and Richmond, you’ve got four chances to rule.

For those who may not know, Foursquare is a popular smart phone application that gives you and your friends new ways to explore your city. You can earn points and unlock badges for discovering new things. Foursquare is a neat way to create a chance to connect with your nearby friends by letting them know where you’re hanging out.

Check out our rewards for our Foursquare participants:

  • Loyalty Special
    Free tall size drip coffee after every 10th check-in
  • Mayor Special
    The mayor of each location receives 25% for as long as they remain mayor

Right now, the Mayors of Trees Organic are Steve L. (Granville), Jess S. (Gastown), Allison M. (Yaletown) and Winnie W. (Richmond) That means they gets 25% off every time (until someone else takes their place). Congratulations, Mayors!

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