July 2013

The Coffee Flavour Wheel. For Taste on the Tip of Your Tongue

The Coffee Flavour Wheel

Image Credit: Specialty Coffee Association of America

Why do we serve coffee made from organic fair-trade, single origin coffee beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico and a range of exotic countries? Why not just stick to one or two countries and keep it simple? Because the unique origins of our coffee let us serve you a wider range of flavours.

It’s totally fine to keep it simple and order up a “dark roast” or “medium roast” anytime. But taking a minute to recognize the different flavours of each country’s coffee can be fun and rewarding. Learn what you love so you can order your favorite coffee every time, or experiment with something new. (more…)

Trees Organic in Richmond. A Cultural Meeting Spot

Trees Organic cafe in RichmondFind a center of arts and culture just about anywhere and the pleasant scent of freshly brewed coffee won’t be far off. Our cafes started out on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, but one of the first cafes to join the family was in Richmond, at 7700 Minoru Gate, right in the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre. Combining an arts centre, museum, rooftop garden and more, this is a busy cultural thoroughfare in the heart of one of the Vancouver area’s most diverse communities.

We chatted with store owner and manager Hava Ben-Shlomo, who took over the location in 2004, about what makes this café stand out. (more…)