May 2016

Single Origin Coffee Profile. Sumatra

Takengon Sumatra
Sumatra coffee is one of many single origin, organic coffees that we source and serve. Coffees from Sumatra are well known for their distinct flavour characteristics influenced by volcanic terroir and a unique processing method. While the most famous and expensive coffee in the world comes from Sumatra, Lopi Luwak via the disgestive track of a Civet, there are many other superior Sumatran coffees of better value to enjoy. The particular varietal that we offer is from Takengon in the beautiful northern highlands. Get to know this exotic coffee, from crop to cup, in our profile on Sumatra. (more…)

Summer Starts Now with a Verry Berry Cheesecake


Verry Berry Cheesecake - Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House
Don’t wait for summer to come to you! Summer begins now with the sunny flavours of our current feature – the Verry Berry Cheesecake! Bursting with bold and beautiful summer berries – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries – our cheesecake is filled with tangy-sweet satisfaction. (more…)