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Organic, Fair Trade, Single Origin Coffee Beans

All our coffees are 100% organic, naturally shade grown and bought at fair trade terms.  And, we offer single origin coffees because we are passionate about providing distinct flavour experiences!

Freshly Roasted on Premise

While a great bean is a good start, the roasting process is where the coffee’s flavour is produced. To ensure the freshest, best tasting coffee, we buy our coffee green and roast it ourselves daily, in small batches, at our Granville Street Roasting House. We roast our organic coffee beans to provide optimum flavour, which means that we vary our roast to bring out the best of the bean.

Beyond Fair Trade – Cafe Femenino

Fair trade is great, but the Cafe Femenino Movement ensures more money goes back to the women coffee farmers to provide assistance with social and economic programs in their communities.
Coffees listed below with “CF” are purchased through the Cafe Femenino Program.

Single Origin Organic Coffees from Around the World


Bright tangy acidity with a well balanced medium body presence. The character is that of a slightly toasted shredded almond over semi-sweet cocoa. Used in our cafes for espresso. More info.


Well balanced from start to finish. The aroma starts with a lush maple syrup sweetness. The mouth is coated with a chocolate truffle richness. The finish is the wonderful combination of all of the above leaving you wanting more.


Full flavour, light body and a slightly sweet finish with chocolate undertones. More info.


Heavy body presence, mild acidity, rich pipe tobacco character, attractive earthy edginess, finishes with a smoky musky yet creamy rich aftertaste.


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Costa Rica

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Papua New Guinea

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Clean, balanced and refreshing, a creamy texture and a sweet finish. Medium body with bright citrus acidity and semisweet chocolate tones. You may also experience a nutty bouquet with hints of vanilla and caramel. More info.

Ethiopian Sidamo

Natural sweetness and a light fragrance. Elegant fruity and citrus flavours with a nice bright finish.


Light body, with citrus acidity, aromas of milk chocolate, caramel, vanilla and a sweet floral tea finish.

Swiss Water Decaf

A flavourful coffee processed without the use of chemicals, gives you all the taste with minimal caffeine. More info.

If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then check out our office coffee & tea service options.

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