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Organic, Fair Trade, Single Origin Coffee Beans

All our coffees are 100% organic, naturally shade grown and bought at fair trade terms.  And, we offer single origin coffees because we are passionate about providing distinct flavour experiences!

Freshly Roasted on Premise

While a great bean is a good start, the roasting process is where the coffee’s flavour is produced. To ensure the freshest, best tasting coffee, we buy our coffee green and roast it ourselves daily, in small batches, at our Granville Street Roasting House. We roast our organic coffee beans to provide optimum flavour, which means that we vary our roast to bring out the best of the bean.

Beyond Fair Trade – Cafe Femenino

Fair trade is great, but the Cafe Femenino Movement ensures more money goes back to the women coffee farmers to provide assistance with social and economic programs in their communities.
Coffees listed below with “CF” are purchased through the Cafe Femenino Program.

Single Origin Organic Coffees from Around the World

Organic Mexico

Chiapas HG EP

This farm is part of a larger group of approximately 1,000 families of growers in 35 indigenous Chiapas communities. Together they make up Union Majomut, founded in 1981. This co-op was originally founded with the goal of improving the lives of coffee growers and their families in these small communities. In 1996 they established a women’s group initiative to help promote organic coffee production, chicken farming, food safety and health care. More info.

Region: Chiapas

Variety: Typica, Mundo Nuovo

Elevation: 1000m-1700m

Process: Wet Hulled

Certification: Fair Trade, Organic

Flavour Notes:  Dark Chocolate, Roasted Nut and Stone Fruit

Roast: Medium Roast; creamy and well-rounded with a smooth body

Organic FT Colombia

Tolima Excelso EP

COMSA was formed in 2001 with 60 farmers (12 women, 48 men) with the mandate to empower small farmers of La Paz, Honduras to earn a dependable income through sound business and sustainable agricultural practices. Organic farming is at the very heart of those core values.

Region: San Pedro, Gaitania, Planadas, Tolima

Variety: Caturra, Typica, Castillo, Tabi

Elevation: 1600m

Process: Dried on Enclosed Mesh Beds and open elevated Patios

Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

Flavour Notes:  Raspberry, Peach, Apple

Roast: Medium Roast; sweet and smooth with a nice, light acidity

Organic Peru Norte Gr 1 Amazonas

The farmers that produce coffee exported by Perunor follow strict quality control systems from initial planting to harvesting and environmental conservation after the crop. Through funding by organizations like the world bank and participation in committees like the Selva Andina, the coffees produced by Perunor farmers meet international standards for excellence from seed to cup and back again. More info.

Region: Amazonas, Cajamarca

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Elevation: 1250m-1800m

Process: Washed, Patio Dried

Certifications:  Organic

Flavour Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Molasses, Red Apple, Sweet Lemon

Roast: Medium Roast; sweet and smooth, medium body with nice acidity

Organic Indonesia Gayo (Sumatra) Mandheling Gr1

This farm invests heavily in women’s education & health within the community. The Co-Op takes their premiums and invests in small tools and water systems within their farmer cooperative so water is more conveniently located for them.

Region: Takengon

Variety: Catimor, Typica

Elevation: 1200m

Process: Giling Basah

Certification: Organic

Flavour Notes:  Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry, Sweet Tobacco

Roast: Medium-Dark Roast; smoky, spicy and full-bodied

Organic Papua New Guinea Korofeigu

Since the mid-40’s, when coffee crops were first introduced to the Korofeigu region following the war, coffee has become the most important commodity in the development of the New Guinea highlands. Today it is Papua New Guineas most important agricultural crop, providing the major source of income for 1/3rd of the countries population.

Region: Korofeigu, Bena, Eastern Highlands

Variety: Arusha, Blue Mountain

Elevation: 1400m-1900m

Process: Washed, Sun-Dried on Patios

Certifications: Organic

Flavour Notes:  Earthy, Spicy, Milk Chocolate

Roast: Medium Roast; honey sweet with a full, syrupy body

Organic Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

Founded in BC, Swiss Water Process of Decaffeination is a 100% Organic, chemical free process that uses water to remove caffeine from the bean. More info.

Certifications: Organic

Roast: Medium-Dark Roast; full-bodied, smoky and smooth

Organic Honduras Marcala COMSA

COMSA was formed in 2001 of 60 farmers (12 women, 48 men) with the mandate to empower small farmers of La Paz, Honduras to earn a dependable income through sound business and sustainable agricultural practices. Organic farming is at the very heart of those core values.

Region: Marcala, La Paz

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Typica

Elevation: 1500m-1800m

Process: Washed, Dried on Raised Beds

Certifications: Organic

Flavour Notes: Cocoa, Caramel, Stone Fruit

Roast: Medium Roast; rich and creamy with a lot of body

If you like our selection and roasts, and would like to share them with your staff and guests, then check out our office coffee & tea service options.

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