Irish Cream Cheesecake Stars on City TV!

On Monday, March 16 Trees’ baker Andres Salas showed off his killer baking skills and adorable personality on City TV’s Lunch TV. Andres was a hit but the real star was the Irish Cream Cheesecake, made especially for St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s the secret (or not so secret) recipe for you to try at home! YUM!
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Recipe for the base:
       1 cup of graham crumbs
       50g of butter
       1 tsp sugar
Recipe for the cake:
       50g of butter with paddle in mixer + 1 cup of sugar ? mix well
       Add 2 egg yolks – mix well
       Add 1kg cheese mix – mix well
       Add 1 tsp of vanilla
       Add 1 tsp irish cream
       In a separate dish: 2 tsp cornstarch, 1/3 cup milk ? whisk and add to mix and mix well
375 degrees for 20 minutes, turn down to 300 degrees and for 20 minutes


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