Memories of Marzipan for Easter

As a young girl I got so excited about Easter. I loved the anticipation of spring, the Easter Bunny’s arrival and the marizpan treats my Oma would bring. 

Growing up with a part German heritage, it just wouldn’t be Easter without marizpan for me. The sugary almond flavoured confection that is often shaped into Easter eggs and Easter bunnies is also incredibly delicious in cakes and covered with chocolate.

This spring, Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House is baking up an Almond Cheesecake that offers a new mouth-watering twist on baking with marizpan. The creaminess of Trees’ award winning signature cheesecake along with the decadent flavour of almond is absolutely exquisite!

If you’re a marzipan lover like I am, or if you’re a fan of cheesecake, you should definitely try this new Trees cheesecake flavour for Easter. It could become your favourite Easter memory!

Enjoy a slice in the cafe or bring home a whole cheesecake to share with your family like I’ll be doing. My Oma would be so proud!

Almond Cheesecakez


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