March 2014

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Emma Plant

Emma Plant performs at Trees Coffee in VancouverLooking for a fresh sound and a fun time as you get out and about in the Spring weather? Every Thursday and Friday, we feature some of the most talented musicians around at our flagship Granville Street cafe at our open mic and live music nights. Experience some great tunes in our cozy coffeehouse as you sip a latte with a slice of our fan-favourite cheesecake.

This April, our coffeehouse hosts a free-spirited singer, songwriter and musician from Vancouver Island, Emma Plant. We asked this young and soulful entertainer about her music and what’s it like performing for the coffeehouse crowd. (more…)

Organic Coffee Beans from Papua New Guinea

PNG mapWe like to try out new organic coffees from different parts of the world; you can literally taste the difference between the coffee growing regions around the globe. Our newest batch of Organic and Fair Trade Papua New Guinea coffee beans are now being served through all of our five locations throughout Vancouver and Richmond.

We’re liking the profile; when we tried it out among our cafe staff, we found it to have a medium body and medium acidity, with delightful hints of caramel and citrus after we roasted it in house. The Papua New Guinea coffee has a distinctive aroma that is quickly becoming one of our favourites. We’ve only got enough beans to serve over a limited time, so come down to your closest Trees Organic cafe and check out this special coffee while it lasts!



Our Tasty Fair Trade Coffee Reflected in Golden Plates

Roasting Trees Organic CoffeeOnce again, we’re pleased to report that our Fair Trade Coffee has been recognized in the Georgia Straight’s Golden Plates listings based on a survey of readers’ choices. We’re proud of our organic, fair trade coffee — which we roast ourselves in our Granville Street location (in case you were wondering why we have a big roasting machine in the middle of our flagship coffee shop).

As always, we’re also grateful to the organic coffee farmers who we work with using fair trade practices for ensuring that the coffee beans we get are of the highest taste and quality we can get. We’re always looking for the next golden opportunity to serve up a unique coffee flavour that your palette will appreciate at any of our coffee houses. Enjoy!

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Cory Hawthorne

Cory Hawthorne plays live music at Trees Organic in March!Our live music nights continue every Thursday and Friday at our flagship Granville Street cafe, serving up top-notch tunes by some of Vancouver’s most talented musicians. You can come down every week and enjoy a unique mix of music with your latte, cheesecake or whatever else makes your heart sing. Coming up on Friday, March 21, classical country singer Cory Hawthorne brings his guitar and soulful singing voice to our venue, where he’ll play in between sets by Jordie Matchett and Liv Wade.

We recently had a chance to chat with Cory Hawthorne about his music and what he brings to the coffeehouse stage — aside from a cowboy hat and a well-used guitar:

TO. How would you describe your music and what our coffeehouse audience can expect? (more…)