Vancouver Summer

Stay Cool with Fruit Smoothies and Cappuchillo

Summer Drinks - Trees Organic Coffee

Summer isn’t summer without some frosty blends for chilling. Stay cool with an all-natural fruit smoothie (Mango or Strawberry) or Cappuchillo (coffee frappé).

Frosty & Filling for Summer Chilling

As summer gets into full swing, everyone’s fancy turns to sun, sand and slurping icy drinks. If you’re seeking some refreshing and natural thirst quenchers that are both frosty and filling, our fruit smoothies and Cappuchillo are loaded with summer sip appeal. Make them your go-to choices for summer chilling.

Our 100% fruit smoothies can be enjoyed in two fun flavours – mango or strawberry, offering 4 servings of real fruit per beverage. Their goodness doesn’t end there – they contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, and are free of gluten, dairy and preservatives…so you can stay healthy and refreshed throughout the dog days of summer in Vancouver!

Summer Drinks - Trees Organic Coffee

And, when you want that endless summer feeling, then reach for our Cappuchillo, a coffee frappé made with natural ingredients and is free of preservatives.

Take time to chill out with summer’s top blended drinks – mango smoothie, strawberry smoothie, or Cappuchillo – at any of the Trees Organic Coffee locations in Vancouver.

Chill Out

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