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Italian Sodas For Refreshing Fruity Bubbles

When summer sizzles and you are craving a sparkling drink, try the refreshing fruity bubbles of our cafe-made Italian sodas in two classic styles – regular or creamy. With colourful fruit choices that pop, they’re not just eye-candy but thirst-quenchers with a variety of bright flavours to help you kick back and keep cool!

A Tale of Two Sodas

Hand-crafted Italian Sodas have long been a summertime favorite, available in two sippable and sparkling styles – with or without cream! A classic Italian Soda is made with cold, bubbly soda water and fruit flavoured syrup over ice in a range of flavours, such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, and Passionfruit…as a few examples.  Add cream to make any flavour into a smooth Italian Cream Soda, just ask! No matter how you enjoy your fruity bubbles, these are two refreshingly fizzy and fun drinks that will add some shimmer to your sunshine!

Italian Sodas - Trees Organic Coffee

Our other popular summer drinks include fruit smoothies (mango or strawberry), Cappuchillo (coffee frappé), iced coffees, and iced loose leaf teas. Unwind and satisfy your thirst at any of our 5 Trees Coffee & Roasting House locations!

Summer Drinks - Trees Organic Coffee


Chilling Through Summer With Iced Coffees

Iced Coffee - Trees Organic Coffee

It’s the time of year when you can switch out your hot coffee for coffee as cool as ice.  Start chilling through summer with our ice-cold coffee drinks, like our Cappuchillo (frosty coffee frappé) and any espresso-style organic coffees that you love can be prepped into a refreshing iced coffee! (more…)

Single Origin Coffee Profile. Colombia

Colombia Coffee - image from Optico

Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House takes pride in sourcing and serving the freshest coffee from organic, single origin beans produced around the world. One of the main coffee countries that we support is Colombia. Our Colombian coffee is well balanced from start to finish.  It offers a delightful flavour profile of chocolatey-truffle and brown sugar richness, with a medium body and acidity.  There is a lush maple syrup sweetness to the aroma.

In this, our latest Single Origin Coffee Profile, get to know more about our high quality Colombian coffee beans, the world famous bio-diverse region that they come from, and the dedicated farmers who grow them. (more…)

Debunking 5 Popular Myths About Coffee

Trees Organic Coffee

You’ve likely heard lots of interesting hearsay and tidbits about your favourite hot brew. To separate fact from fiction, we’ve chosen to uncover the truth and debunk 5 of the most popular myths about coffee. (more…)

Hot Apple Cider is Winter’s Companion

Hot Apple cider - Trees Organic Coffee

Ride out the cold, dreary days of winter with one of the season’s best companions – a steamy cup of Hot Apple Cider enriched with the sweet and spicy flavours of apple and cinnamon.

Sweet and Spicy

How sweet it is to hug a mug of Hot Apple Cider and enjoy its warm-fuzzy glow as winter passes. This is the hot drink that’ll invite you to calm down and cozy up with each deep inhale of the cider’s fragrant aroma. Savour the moment as your muse over each spicy sip that tingles your taste buds. (more…)

Merry Peppermint Mocha!

Peppermint Mocha by Trees Organic Coffee

When your breath hangs in the air and your cheeks turn rosy, it’s time to take a merry minute and warm up with our seasonal feature beverage – Peppermint Mocha! Get the caffeine kick you crave with a healthy dose of holiday cheer! (more…)

Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds With These Household Hacks

Coffee Grounds

Besides caffeinating your day with pick-me-up jolts, coffee’s many perks at home extend well beyond sipping your cuppa Joe. It turns out, used coffee grounds can be a valuable resource around the house. Instead of ditching those dregs after coffee brewing, consider these surprising and effortlessly simple household hacks for repurposing leftover coffee debris, such as: deodorizing, gardening, cleaning, cooking, and cleansing. That’s right, save those grimy grounds and put them to handy-dandy use!

Here are our top 5 nifty and natural ways to repurpose used coffee grounds at home that you probably haven’t tried yet and may be missing out on. Even better – when using our organic coffee, you and your home are free of pesticides or chemicals! (more…)

Get Cozy With Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake and Latte

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake and Latte

With the cool embrace of October, cozy up with pumpkin spice in two ways – Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake and Pumpkin Spice Latte! Both are packed with the warmth of sweetly-spiced pumpkin flavours to give you a doubly-nice sip and forkful of comfort as scarf season takes hold. (more…)

Italian Sodas – Fruity and Fizzy Summer Refreshers

Italian Sodas - Trees Organic Coffee

As Vancouver’s summer continues to sizzle, hot days call for more chilling drinks! In addition to our fruit smoothies (mango or strawberry), Cappuchillo (coffee frappé), iced coffees and iced loose leaf teas, we have another option to help you beat the heat and slake your thirst. Sip back with a refreshingly fruity and fizzy Italian Soda in a range of sparkling flavours!

Sparkling Summer Drink

When temperatures become unbearable and you need to refresh pronto, go for an easy-to-sip Italian soda. It’s a sparkling summer drink with bubbly soda water and fruit flavoured syrup poured over ice – Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, Passionfruit…just to name a few. And, whatever your flavour preference, it can be made into a smooth and silky Italian Cream Soda version. Regular or creamy, our Italian sodas may be the summer refreshers you’ve been looking for! (more…)

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