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Debunking 5 Popular Myths About Coffee

Trees Organic Coffee

You’ve likely heard lots of interesting hearsay and tidbits about your favourite hot brew. To separate fact from fiction, we’ve chosen to uncover the truth and debunk 5 of the most popular myths about coffee.

Trees Organic Coffee

The Truth In The Cup

Yes, there’s truth in that cup of coffee, but it’s not what you think. When sipping coffee, the connoisseur ponders a myriad of things, including some of the thoughts and behaviours that may have been falsely believed or taught over time.

Have you ever wondered if you’re storing your coffee the right way? Or, if the darker roast actually does have more caffeine? You may have been led astray before, but let’s see if we can get to the bottom of the cup once and for all.

Trees Organic Coffee

Myth 1: Bold Flavours Mean More Caffeine

It’s often assumed that the bolder the flavour the stronger the caffeine in your cuppa java. When you feel the need for a caffeine jolt, going for the bold dark roast has made sense. However, comparisons have shown that by the cup, dark or light roast will give you the same caffeine content. This is one myth that doesn’t hold up. Light or dark roasts will get you there, but what is more important when making your choice is to choose the flavour you enjoy.

Myth 2: Freeze Your Coffee

This is actually a no-no. Freezing the coffee you use daily diminishes the quality due to the moisture fluctuations. It’s going to make your daily home brew taste awful. Instead, store your coffee in your pantry away from light, moisture, and heat. This is the best method for storing ground coffee or beans. To learn more about how to store your coffee beans and how to brew better coffee at home, check out these tips.

Trees Organic Coffee

Myth 3: Coffee Halts Your Growth

The story that coffee will stunt your growth has been shared through the ages. However, it’s one story that doesn’t necessarily have any height. It’s something along the lines of folklore, or an ol’ wives tale. We’ve been told this story long enough that it becomes believable. There is no hard and true science behind it, and until there is, this myth is a tall tale.

Myth 4: Coffee Cures a Hangover

Drinking a cup of coffee does not reverse the effects of alcohol consumption. Although caffeine may be warranted (because coffee is awesome), and it may aid in migraine relief; but drinking coffee will not cure your hangover. Time is the one and only proven cure for a hangover, and it could take anywhere from 8-24 hours to feel like yourself again.

Myth 5: Coffee Dehydrates You

Should you worry about your coffee causing dehydration? Beyond caffeine being a diuretic, this myth may come up dry. It’s unlikely you’ll be dehydrated from your cup of coffee, as the liquid used in your cup balances it out. In general, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and drink your cuppa joe to stay happy!

It turns out there is more to these myths than meets the eye.

And, there’s one more truth worth mentioning: When you want a healthier cup of java, choose organic coffee because it is free of pesticides/fertilizers and provide a positive impact on the environment. We are pleased to provide you with a selection of single origin, fair trade, shade grown and bird-friendly organic coffee at five cafe locations in Vancouver.

Trees Organic Coffee

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general interest and not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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