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Single Origin Coffee Profile. Colombia

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Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House takes pride in sourcing and serving the freshest coffee from organic, single origin beans produced around the world. One of the main coffee countries that we support is Colombia. Our Colombian coffee is well balanced from start to finish.  It offers a delightful flavour profile of chocolatey-truffle and brown sugar richness, with a medium body and acidity.  There is a lush maple syrup sweetness to the aroma.

In this, our latest Single Origin Coffee Profile, get to know more about our high quality Colombian coffee beans, the world famous bio-diverse region that they come from, and the dedicated farmers who grow them.

Cauca Region in Colombia - Google Maps

A Country Leading in Biodiversity

Colombia ranks # 2 in the world for biodiversity. Its coffee plantations provide economic benefits to the country, and they are extremely important for environmental conservation and sustainability.

Our organic coffee beans are sourced through a farming group in the Southwestern State of Cauca, Colombia. This is a large 2nd level Fair Trade and organic cooperative of more than 1300 small scale farmers.

These farmers and their families are committed to the production of food for consumption and for the local market. The cultivation of coffee is in fact their main source of income. As such, they take great care, and strive for best practices to meet the high standards of organic production, and for the protection and conservation of the environment.

The cooperative works to improve the lives of their coffee farmers by helping them gain market access, technical assistance to produce high quality crops, support for savings and loans, and many other opportunities.

The Colombian coffee beans sourced from the farmers are grown at altitudes of 1400 to 1900 meters, surrounded by the beautiful biodiversity of the region. The beans are washed and sun-dried on shaded beds. To optimize coffee production most Colombian plantations use shade utilizing over 33 different plant species. So, it’s a great thing the region is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.

Drying Beds - Image from Optico

Flora and Fauna

The Cauca region is home to over 1200 species of birds. That is a whopping 14% of the total world’s bird species. Cauca is unique in that it houses most of the bio-climatic diversity and ecosystems of Colombia.

The region’s diverse landscape and ecosystem ranges from coastal systems to the warmer hills of the Pacific. It’s also home to one of the largest extensions of paramo in the world.

Paramo is a unique tropical mountain ecosystem that can only be found in certain places in the world. This particularly famous paramo is the largest in the world and makes up 50% of the world’s total Paramo ecosystems. Paramos are so important they are part of the National System of Protected Areas.

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Environmental Stewardship

Living in such an important environment, the coffee producers are passionate about being good environmental stewards. They work together to establish environmentally friendly processing practices, such as implementing filtration systems that can improve the heavily saturated water  -‘honey water’, which results from the wash processing.

The organic certification process requires an intensive farming practice for the cooperative’s 500 farmers that have obtained it, and the 150 that are currently in the 3 year process of obtaining it. It’s clear the focus and dedication that is at the heart of the farmers, and their families when growing and harvesting the single origin, organic coffee beans.

Trees Organic Coffee roasts small batches of our organic Colombian coffee beans at the Granville Street cafe. Our Colombia coffee can be enjoyed at any of our 5 cafe locations, and purchased as whole or ground beans for home brewing.

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