Hot Apple Cider is Winter’s Companion

Hot Apple cider - Trees Organic Coffee

Ride out the cold, dreary days of winter with one of the season’s best companions – a steamy cup of Hot Apple Cider enriched with the sweet and spicy flavours of apple and cinnamon.

Sweet and Spicy

How sweet it is to hug a mug of Hot Apple Cider and enjoy its warm-fuzzy glow as winter passes. This is the hot drink that’ll invite you to calm down and cozy up with each deep inhale of the cider’s fragrant aroma. Savour the moment as your muse over each spicy sip that tingles your taste buds.

Both savoury or sweet bites pair well with Hot Apple Cider making it an ideal drink for any of our in-house baked treats, lunches and our infamous cheesecakes!

Hot Apple cider - Trees Organic Coffee

Come in out of the cold and get through the chilly season at our cafes with some Hot Apple Cider, joining friends in joyful catchup or slip into a cozy corner to (finally) finish that novel. Hot Apple Cider is available at any of our five locations in Vancouver.

Hot Apple cider - Trees Organic Coffee

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