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Italian Sodas For Refreshing Fruity Bubbles

When summer sizzles and you are craving a sparkling drink, try the refreshing fruity bubbles of our cafe-made Italian sodas in two classic styles – regular or creamy. With colourful fruit choices that pop, they’re not just eye-candy but thirst-quenchers with a variety of bright flavours to help you kick back and keep cool!

A Tale of Two Sodas

Hand-crafted Italian Sodas have long been a summertime favorite, available in two sippable and sparkling styles – with or without cream! A classic Italian Soda is made with cold, bubbly soda water and fruit flavoured syrup over ice in a range of flavours, such as Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, and Passionfruit…as a few examples.  Add cream to make any flavour into a smooth Italian Cream Soda, just ask! No matter how you enjoy your fruity bubbles, these are two refreshingly fizzy and fun drinks that will add some shimmer to your sunshine!

Italian Sodas - Trees Organic Coffee

Our other popular summer drinks include fruit smoothies (mango or strawberry), Cappuchillo (coffee frappé), iced coffees, and iced loose leaf teas. Unwind and satisfy your thirst at any of our 5 Trees Coffee & Roasting House locations!

Summer Drinks - Trees Organic Coffee


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