Go Wild for Mango Splash Cheesecake

Mango Splash Cheesecake - Trees Organic Coffee

Hurray for care-free summer days! It’s time to let loose and go wild for all the best things about summer, including our current feature – Mango Splash Cheesecake! Causing quite a stir with its sensational juicy sweetness of mangoes, this cheesecake is a royal party for your palette and will kick things up supremely in the sunny days ahead!

Mango Splash Cheesecake - Trees Organic Coffee

Fit For Taste Bud Royalty!

It’s no surprise we all go wild for this mango cheesecake, a summertime favourite that really makes a splash at our five cafes. Juicy and ripe mango morsels are combined with our smooth cheesecake filling that rests on an ever-so-crunchy golden graham crust. Sunny swirls and splashes of sweet mango coulis crown this Mango Splash Cheesecake as the most glorious summer dessert in the land. It is a regal treat fit for taste bud royalty! Well, that’s because mangoes are known as the King Of Fruits – unofficially, but we tend to agree!

Go wild for our Mango Splash Cheesecake by enjoying slices at our cafes or make a splash at your summer parties by sharing a whole mango cake in 3 sizes – 6”, 8” and 10” – all made in house at our bakery. If you’ve a royal fan of mangoes then you can even pair your mango dessert with our frosty real fruit mango smoothie!

Mango Splash Cheesecake - Trees Organic Coffee

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