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Single Origin Coffee Profile. Nicaragua

At Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House, our goal is to provide the best and freshest coffee flavours from single origin beans that are organic, natural shade grown, bird friendly and fair trade. We now offer 11 distinct single origin coffees. In our series of coffee profiles, we last focused on the country of Peru. This time, the spotlight is on the newest addition to our coffee collection, that is – Nicaraguan Coffee. Here is a glimpse of the country and its coffee, from crop to cup.

Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House

Land of Lakes and Mountains

Known for its dramatic landscape, Nicaragua is referred to as the ‘land of lakes and volcanoes’ and is the largest (by area) of the seven Central American countries. Although its coffee production is relatively small, compared to Costa Rica and Guatemala, coffee is a key export crop and the backbone of the Nicaraguan economy (54% of Nicaragua’s agricultural output).

Nicaragua Photo by Marcus Dyck

Organic Shade Grown Coffee Promotes Bio-Diversity

Most of the country’s coffee growing regions are concentrated in the fertile highlands of the north central mountains. Our organic Nicaragua coffee is grown at elevations of 1,000 to 1,800 metres in the San Juan Del Rio Coco community in the Madriz region. Arabica coffee is farmed here using traditional methods that are better for you and the natural environment as the coffee shrubs are grown under the shade of a forest canopy. The main benefits of shade coffee farming include: protecting trees from soil erosion, conserving water, and providing a natural habitat for migratory birds. In fact, 95% of the country’s coffee is shade grown and organic.

Nicaragua organic coffee from Trees Organic

San Juan Del Rio Coco Coffee Farmers

Trees Organic’s Nicaraguan coffee not only promotes bio-diversity but is also socially sourced. Nearly all of the coffee producers in the country have small lots (about 14 hectares) and are part of coffee collectives that support farmers’ quality of life. The cooperative in the San Juan Del Rio Coco that provides our coffee has Fair Trade certification and represents 160 micro-farms.  Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and is heavily reliant on coffee production to support farmers. After a series of setbacks – revolution, cold war, civil war, natural disasters, and an outbreak of coffee rust – Nicaragua coffee production is in recovery. We’re pleased to offer organic coffee from Nicaragua and support their local coffee farmers.

Nicaragua Map

The Flavour Of Nicaraguan Coffee

When you drink Nicaraguan coffee, you’ll enjoy clean, balanced and refreshing flavours with delicate notes, a creamy texture and a sweet finish. The coffee is characterised by having a medium body with bright citrus acidity and semisweet chocolate tones. And, you may experience a nutty bouquet with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Our Nicaraguan coffee beans are medium to near dark roasted, daily in small batches at our Granville Street Roasting House to preserve the freshest and purest flavours. You can enjoy our roasted coffee from Nicaragua at any of our five coffeehouse locations and at home by purchasing whole or ground beans.

Photo credit: The Nicaraguan landscape and coffee cherry images are courtesy of Marcus Dyck Photography

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Friday Night Live Music With John Pippus

Trees Organic Friday Night Live Music Vancouver
Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House is committed to supporting the local music scene as much as it is to serving the best fresh roast organic coffee and hand-crafted cheesecake! For over 10+ years, our café on Granville Street has been the only independent coffee shop serving up Friday night live music on a regular, year-round basis in downtown Vancouver. The coffeehouse music event has become a mainstay for people wanting to enjoy live music in an intimate setting and for singers, songwriters or musicians to perform. The host of our successful Friday evenings is blues-folk-rock artist John Pippus. We caught up with John to get an update on the live music nights and his musical career. (more…)

Baking It Right Daily!

In the early morning hours of every Vancouver day, it’s a busy time behind the scenes at the in-house bakeries of Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House. Few patrons realize that a range of our baked goods are made fresh, from scratch, daily in the back of our cafes. We take you backstage for an up-close look at how our dedicated baking team, particularly at the Arbutus Street cafe (Kitsilano), rises to the occasion each morning, baking it right to give you the freshest products for the start of your day!

Fresh Baked Goods at Trees Organic


Single Origin Coffee Profile. Peru

Trees Organic, as a boutique coffeehouse and roaster, champions single origin beans for our collection of coffees because we are passionate about offering distinct flavour experiences.  The appreciation of single origin vs blended beans for coffee, similar to that of single varietal vs blended grapes for wine, come down to personal preference.  However, the buzz around single origin coffees continues to grow, especially among coffee connoisseurs.

Single origin coffee typically refers to coffee from one country, but it can also represent a region or farm.  In our quest to provide the best coffee experience for our clients, we serve 10 single origin, organic, and natural shade grown coffees, under fair trade conditions.  Each country has its own unique coffee story to share and a glimpse of their coffee producing culture can provide a better appreciation for the coffee.  On this occasion, we’re highlighting our coffee from Peru.

Freshly roasted Peruvian Coffee from Trees Organic Vancouver


Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Kristina Lao

Kristina Lao performing at Trees Organic

Friday nights at Trees Organic Coffeehouse (Granville Street) come alive with music to accompany our popular organic coffee and famous cheesecakes!  For years, the weekly lineup of musical entertainment has been carefully curated and hosted by music legend, John Pippus.  The list of upcoming acts in April is sure to impress.  One artist that stands out is Kristina Lao, a Hong-Kong born singer-songwriter-actor that recently relocated to Vancouver from London, UK, where she graduated from the London School of Musical Theatre.  Kristina will perform live on April 17, along with Travis Ree and David Paterson.  We caught up with Kristina to learn more about her and her music. (more…)

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Jodi Doidge

Jodi Doidge performing at Trees Organic

Where in Vancouver can you experience the best cheesecake, organic coffee, and live music? Only at Trees Organic! There’s an extraordinary lineup, in March, of musical talent for our popular and weekly Friday live music nights at our flagship Granville Street coffeehouse. To kick things off, performances by Jodi Doidge, Haley Blais, and the Familiar Wild band are a must-see.  Haley Blais combines her soft fluttering vocals with her unique ukulele music, while the band Familiar Wild delivers a distinct sound between orchestral folk and melodic pop.  Jodi Doidge, a Vancouver-based ‘vocal songbird and musical maven’, is our highlighted musician this month.   Her heartfelt lyrics and music are a fusion of various styles – alt-pop, country, folk, rock and indie.  To give you a better appreciation of her work and upcoming projects, Trees Organic is happy to share our recent chat with Jodi. (more…)

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