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National Cheesecake Day Celebration – July 30

National Cheesecake Day 2015 Special
Cheesecake lovers rejoice! It’s time for our favourite food day – National Cheesecake Day, July 30, 2015! Join the fun and celebrate with our special offer –> 1/2 PRICE** cheesecake slices and 6” whole cakes at any of the five Trees Organic cafes!! One day only and while supplies last (see details below).

Consistently voted the Best Cheesecake in Vancouver, choose from a selection of our much loved cheesecake flavours, including our summer speciality – Mango Splash. Get into the spirit and treat yourself to a slice or two or three to discover your new favourites. Even better, enjoy them more when combined with our popular organic coffee or summer drinks!

Cheesecake is all about sharing so spread the word about this amazing one-day offer with your family and friends, online and offline! Bring them along and celebrate all that is cheesecake!

Trees Organic Selection of Cheesecakes
Five Fun Facts About Cheesecake

  • Origins date back to ancient Greece and the island of Samos. Records show that cheesecake was served to Olympic athletes in 776 B.C.
  • Present day cream cheese was made accidentally by William Lawrence (New York) when he was trying to recreate a soft Neufchâtel cheese in 1872.
  • Arnold Reuben, who invented the Reuben sandwich, is credited with inventing the NY style cheesecake.
  • In the U.S. and Canada, cream cheese is the main ingredient, while Italy uses ricotta, and quark is used in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.
  • The World Record for cheesecake eating is held by Sonya Thomas who ate 11 pounds of cheesecake in 9 minutes (Brooklyn, 2014).

Trees Organic Cheesecakes

**National Cheesecake Day Celebration, July 30, Offer:
– ½ price on cheesecake slices and 6” whole cakes only
– Per person limit of 4 cheesecake slices or 2 x 6” whole cakes
– July 30th (2015) Thursday only and while quantities last
– Not valid with any other promotional offer
– Not valid on pre-ordered cheesecakes
– Not valid with 8” or 10” cheesecakes
– Not valid on delivery orders

New Virgin Mojito Smoothie

Virgin Mojito Smoothie from Trees Organic

Summer just got better with our newest, thirst quenching fruit smoothie – Virgin Mojito! This crisp minty-lime mocktail is a refreshing take on the popular Cuban-inspired cocktail. When you’re in the mood for a cool taste escape, the Virgin Mojito Smoothie from Trees Organic is ideal for chillaxing on hot summer days and nights! (more…)

Dive into a Mango Splash Cheesecake this Summer

Mango Splash Cheesecake from

Summer in Vancouver is in full swing with sizzling sunny conditions and record breaking temperatures. Keep your cool by staying hydrated and dip into something refreshing with a Mango Splash Cheesecake at Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House.

Infusion of Real Mangoes

Nothing says summer treat like a cool tropical dessert! It’s no wonder our tropical-style cheesecake – Mango Splash – is a fan favourite and hugely popular in the summertime. Returning for July and August, this tantalizing cheesecake is infused with the exotic flavour and aroma of real mangoes. It combines juicy mango fruit purée with our fluffy cheesecake ingredients. Ripe mango chunks float throughout the cheesecake, posed on a graham crumb crust and topped with mango swirls like the warm glow of a summer sunset. (more…)

Single Origin Coffee Profile. Nicaragua

At Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House, our goal is to provide the best and freshest coffee flavours from single origin beans that are organic, natural shade grown, bird friendly and fair trade. We now offer 11 distinct single origin coffees. In our series of coffee profiles, we last focused on the country of Peru. This time, the spotlight is on the newest addition to our coffee collection, that is – Nicaraguan Coffee. Here is a glimpse of the country and its coffee, from crop to cup.

Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House (more…)

Coffeehouse Musician Profile. Friday Night Live Music With John Pippus

Trees Organic Friday Night Live Music Vancouver
Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House is committed to supporting the local music scene as much as it is to serving the best fresh roast organic coffee and hand-crafted cheesecake! For over 10+ years, our café on Granville Street has been the only independent coffee shop serving up Friday night live music on a regular, year-round basis in downtown Vancouver. The coffeehouse music event has become a mainstay for people wanting to enjoy live music in an intimate setting and for singers, songwriters or musicians to perform. The host of our successful Friday evenings is blues-folk-rock artist John Pippus. We caught up with John to get an update on the live music nights and his musical career. (more…)

Baking It Right Daily!

In the early morning hours of every Vancouver day, it’s a busy time behind the scenes at the in-house bakeries of Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House. Few patrons realize that a range of our baked goods are made fresh, from scratch, daily in the back of our cafes. We take you backstage for an up-close look at how our dedicated baking team, particularly at the Arbutus Street cafe (Kitsilano), rises to the occasion each morning, baking it right to give you the freshest products for the start of your day!

Fresh Baked Goods at Trees Organic


Single Origin Coffee Profile. Peru

Trees Organic, as a boutique coffeehouse and roaster, champions single origin beans for our collection of coffees because we are passionate about offering distinct flavour experiences.  The appreciation of single origin vs blended beans for coffee, similar to that of single varietal vs blended grapes for wine, come down to personal preference.  However, the buzz around single origin coffees continues to grow, especially among coffee connoisseurs.

Single origin coffee typically refers to coffee from one country, but it can also represent a region or farm.  In our quest to provide the best coffee experience for our clients, we serve 10 single origin, organic, and natural shade grown coffees, under fair trade conditions.  Each country has its own unique coffee story to share and a glimpse of their coffee producing culture can provide a better appreciation for the coffee.  On this occasion, we’re highlighting our coffee from Peru.

Freshly roasted Peruvian Coffee from Trees Organic Vancouver


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