How Fresh is Your Coffee?

Coffee Beans
Photo Credit: Amanda via Creative Commons

If you like fresh-roasted coffee (and who doesn’t?), you know you’re going to get what you want when you walk into any Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House location. Fresh-roasted coffee just tastes better… and we aim to please.

But what if you buy bags of organic coffee beans from us to serve up from the convenience of your own kitchen counter? How soon do you need to grind them up and serve that caffeinated goodness? (Sooner than you might think!)

Coffee Beans Don’t Stay Fresh Forever. Use ’em or lose ’em!

Remember these rules of thumb to maximize your coffee beans’ freshness. You’ve got:

  • 15 months to roast green beans. Yeah, they last for a while, but not forever.
  • 15 days to grind the roasted beans. Two weeks… and every day, they lose just a little bit of their magic, so don’t leave it to that 15th day! (Dark-roasted beans also lose their flavor quicker — 12 days if you’re lucky).
  • 15 minutes to serve fresh-brewed coffee. Best to serve it as soon as it’s ready. Leaving the same batch of coffee out all day is not an option. Don’t bother re-heating it — do yourself a favor and brew up a new batch.

How to Store Your Coffee So It Keeps Freshness

Keep your beans in an airtight container (preferably with a one-way valve) to help seal in that fresh coffee taste. Keep the stored coffee at room temperature — extreme cold can impact the flavor because the oils start to break down.

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