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Best of Vancouver Awards 2015. Best Fair Trade Coffee Roasters

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House in the Georgia Straight’s Readers Choice 20th Annual Best of Vancouver 2015 awards!  We’re thrilled to have placed in the Best Fair Trade Coffee Roasters category! We love what we do – roasting and sharing organic, single-origin and fair trade coffee with the best possible flavours for your enjoyment – and greatly appreciate your love and support!

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to the Georgia Straight for this year’s awards! (more…)

Reviewers on TripAdvisor Love Us!

TripAdvisor 2014 Certificate of ExcellenceRecently Tripadvisor bestowed upon us a great award: the “Certificate of Excellence.” This award is presented to businesses that consistently achieve high review ratings on the Tripadvisor website.  So many folks have written nice things about Trees Organic in their many reviews. Thanks!

We have always paid close attention to feedback from our customers, including online reviews. We’re very honoured to know that reviewers from all around the world have given us so much positive feedback that it has culminated into this great achievement.

Check out these sweet reviews:

VandMarion gave us 5 stars for the “Best cheesecake I’ve ever had”

“I love cheesecake and was just passing by Trees Organic when I saw they had a Maple one. It was actually a Walnut Maple Cheesecake and the best I’ve ever had in my life! That’s all I had and would go back in a heartbeat!”

Tagen85 says our “Cheesecakes are awesome”

“We came to Trees for the first time in January 2013 on the recommendation of our friend. We loved it! The coffee was great and the cheesecakes absolutely divine! We ended up moving away from Vancouver but we returned in August 2013 along with my parents and we returned here to show them just how good the cheesecakes are and they were still as good as I remember! Great job!”

Then there’s Worldwidelens, who checked out our Gastown cafe to enjoy “Great cheesecake and good coffee”

“Trees organic makes really good coffee, that is for sure. Their speciality is cheesecake though, on this, they are experts. The cheesecake is soft, sweet and delicious. You get a pretty big piece too, so be aware of that. A coffee and a cheesecake at Trees is a great treat. The shop on Water street is my favourite, it has big windows that open out onto the street and is in an old wood beam building…lovely! Go and enjoy!”

Thanks so much to our customers who aren’t shy about sharing their positive experiences. We love hearing from you. Feel free to leave more reviews — or let us know how we’re doing while you’re in one of our cafes!

Golden Plates Winner! Best Fair Trade Coffee Shop in Vancouver

Vancouver votes for Trees Organic as best fair trade coffeehouseWe couldn’t have done it without you, Vancouver! To all those Georgia Straight readers who voted for Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House as the best fair trade coffee shop in the land, we love you. You’re awesome.

The Georgia Straight reaches over 800,000 readers on the west coast and for the Golden Plates awards, readers vote for their favorites in 158 categories. Apparently, we’re doing something right — and it’s an honour to come in first.  (more…)

What Makes Vancouver a Great Coffee City? Interview with Follow Me Foodie and Good Life Vancouver

Vancouver is a great coffee city. Of that, we can be sure. Smarter Traveler (H/T Vancity Buzz) recently put us in the top 10 cities with that particular designation, noting:

This is a city of micro-roasters, bean educators, champion baristas, and countless cafes. As Vancouver leads the way for a new generation of bean-to-cup coffee fanatics, it’s staying true to the fuel. Vancouver baristas coax the best flavor out of carefully selected coffee varieties using Clover, vacuum-pot, and cold-brew techniques. Travelers seeking out independent and small-chain cafes get a little something extra with their coffee: the chance to discover many of the city’s best hidden neighborhoods.

We wanted to dig deeper. How do the locals enjoy Vancouver’s cafe culture day to day? So we talked with a couple foodie celebrities to tell us about their own coffee-drinking habits. (more…)

Some Positive Reviews from Trees’ Customers

Trees Organic Vancouver Richmond cafe coffeeshop cheesecake cateringWe love it when reviewers, bloggers, Tweeps, Yelpers and foodies of all stripes have nice things to say about our café. It seems people really like our lattes, cheesecake and more; from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the things our customers have been saying about Trees Organic cafes in Vancouver and Richmond:

They seem to like our cheesecake:

“Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House is a nice relaxing café serving good quality coffee and some pretty yummy treats. After much consideration, Chris and I finally decided on which two cheesecakes to try – the Sin and the Blueberry. The Sin Cheesecake is made with Belgian chocolate and sour cherries. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try this one because I’m not a big fan of sour cherries. However, this cake is rightfully named for being “sinfully” delicious. The sweet and tart cherries gave the cheesecake a good level of moisture, making the cake just that much more fluffy. And the chocolate made the cake super smooth and silky. The consistency and sweetness of the cheesecake was just perfect! Mmmm, yummy!”

First, about the scones:

“While Trees doesn’t have any vegan cheesecake, it does sell a vegan scone. And a fine scone it is, too. It seems to have the flavour of both a cinnamon-sugar donut and a cinnamon roll. Packed with pumpkin seeds, raisins, and dried apricots, it’s made with whole-wheat flour, so it packs quite an iron-rich punch. It also has a perfect moistness and texture that would convince any scone aficionado that it wasn’t vegan.”

Our beverages also seemed to be a hit (well, you’d kind of hope so! We’re a café, after all):

“While we’re discussing lattes, we’d like to say that whatever blend Trees uses for its decaf lattes is quite nice.”

“I only discovered Trees recently, as they have a small, but fresh, menu. Their specialty is cheesecake, and supposedly the best in Vancouver. But they also make homemade quiche, soup, and huge variety of unique sandwiches and baked goods.

So far, so good. And our quiche and sandwiches have a lot of personality:

The quiche comes in two types: Ham & Cheddar or Spinach & Feta. Simple maybe, but boring no. The crust is homemade and it comes with a small side salad that has dried cranberries, pumpkin & sunflower seeds. The sandwiches, which I have yet to try, are on fresh baguettes, warmed and with unique ingredients, such as Bocconcini, Tomato & Basil, or a vegetarian with Chevre, Basil, Capers and Roasted Pepper.”

Have you been to any Trees Organic cafes in Vancouver or Richmond? We’d love to hear your feedback to let us know how we’re doing (and how we can serve you better!). Leave a comment here, review us on your own blog, tweet us up or talk to one of our friendly servers. Let us know what you like!


Mixueer’s Kitchen In Vancouver Loves Trees Cheesecake

A Kitchen in Brooklyn wrote an article on top Sweet tooth destinations in Vancouver and lists Trees cheesecake as one of their favorite’s on the planet.

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Scout Magazine features Trees Pumpkin Cheesecake


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