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Trees Coffee South Granville Now Open

Trees Coffee South Granville
A brand new Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House is now open in South Granville, a vibrant shopping-dining-entertainment neighbourhood in Fairview. Opened as our 5th location in Vancouver, Trees Coffee South Granville is ideally situated at the junction of West Broadway and Fir Street, an easy hop to an array of art galleries, fashion boutiques, home décor shops, Granville Island, and the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage.

Our newest Vancouver café is set to be one of the best go-to-hang-out coffee corners in the neighbourhood with a harmonious blend of contemporary décor, laid-back vibe, warm hospitality, free wi-fi, and Trees’ signature line-up of organic coffee, cheesecake and other edible delights. (more…)

Trees Organic in Yaletown. Designed for a Vibrant Neighborhood

Trees Organic Coffee Yaletown VancouverYaletown in downtown Vancouver is a popular urban community featuring some of the most trendy shops, restaurants and of course, our cafe at 1391 Richards St. (right near the corner of Pacific Street). Trees Organic moved in here just as Vancouver’s focus on livability really hit its stride, becoming part of the Yaletown neighbourhood as more and more residential buildings going in to revitalize what had once been an historic warehouse district. Now it’s not just a great place for locals and tourists to enjoy a latte as they wander past the old brick buildings and cobblestone pathways — it’s a great place to live, too!

Our Yaletown Trees Organic cafe Manager Michael Bergenheim has been giving out great coffee and service with a smile there for 3 years; he has seen this area transform up close! We chatted with him recently about what makes this spot special: (more…)

Trees Organic in Richmond. A Cultural Meeting Spot

Trees Organic cafe in RichmondFind a center of arts and culture just about anywhere and the pleasant scent of freshly brewed coffee won’t be far off. Our cafes started out on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, but one of the first cafes to join the family was in Richmond, at 7700 Minoru Gate, right in the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre. Combining an arts centre, museum, rooftop garden and more, this is a busy cultural thoroughfare in the heart of one of the Vancouver area’s most diverse communities.

We chatted with store owner and manager Hava Ben-Shlomo, who took over the location in 2004, about what makes this café stand out. (more…)

Trees Organic in Gastown. A Warm, Cozy Cafe in the Heart of Vancouver

Trees Organic in Gastown

Photo Credit: Hisakazu Watanabe

Our cafe has grown up since we set up our first flagship cafe at 450 Granville Street; fans of our organic fair trade coffee now have five locations to choose from, including our Gastown cafe at 321 Water Street. As Vancouver’s premier heritage neighbourhood has evolved, we’ve been part of that story. We chatted with store owner manager and owner Shir Ben-Shlomo about what makes the Gastown location different:

Q. What do you notice first when you’re coming into the cafe on Water Street?

Shir. The first thing is that unique Gastown look. You get that cozy, warm feeling when you see the brick and architecture and the inside of our cafe definitely matches what you see on the street. It’s a natural-looking place that fits the neighbourhood! (more…)

Baker Chat. Made-from-scratch Cheesecake, Muffins and More

Much as we love our organic coffee and specialty drinks at Trees Organic Coffee House, we love our baking just as much. Our in-house bakery is a busy place, baking everything from our made-from-scratch top-rated cheesecake to our yummy breakfast muffins, scones and other treats. We caught up this week with our baker Magdalena and talked about some of her favorite treats and where she finds her inspiration.

Listen to the complete interview with the head baker at Trees Organic

Talking about Delicious desserts baked from scratch in our downtown Vancouver cafe

What’s your favorite muffin?

“It’s so hard for me to choose. Let’s see. My favorite would probably have to be the cranberry orange pecan. Someone actually told me last week that it tastes like pancakes (laughs). It tastes like fresh pancakes. I have to agree. It’s really soft and buttery and delicious. It’s not too sweet. It’s quite a treat.”
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What makes the cheesecake so special here?

“We do make our cheesecakes from scratch. All real ingredients going into it from local suppliers… The most special thing about our cheesecake is it’s not as hard as your typical cheesecake. It’s definitely a mousse-y kind of cheesecake. It’s lighter than the old world cheesecake. It’s not super-sweet. You still get the flavor, but it’s not over the top sweet, so you can still taste the cream cheese in there. We actually offer nine different kinds of cheesecake, so no matter what kind of flavor you like, you’ll find something you like here.”

Why Mango cheesecake is awesome. A refreshing slice baked with fresh ingredients and love

“The wonderful thing about mango is that it has such a strong flavor. It really comes out. You don’t have to add anything to it. We don’t put artificial stuff into any of our cheesecakes.”

Vegan dessert options? Our Vancouver cafe’s got ’em

“Yes, there are options for vegans. We’ve got our vegan power bar, which is made with oats and banana, blueberry and seeds… It fills you up, tastes great and is very healthy. We also have our power cookie, if you want something sweeter but not quite as heavy.”

Do you have a favorite dessert from Trees Organic at our Granville, Gastown, Yaletown or Richmond locations? Let us know.

Trees Cafe Helps Vancouver Charity Celebrate Holidays

Trees Organic coffee cheesecake Vancouver RichmondThe holiday season is a time of good cheer, but those in Vancouver who are living on the margins still need the help of their neighbors. Trees Organic café was proud to provide cheesecake dessert and coffee for the Christmas dinner of La Bousolle (The Compass), a Vancouver-based community support and welfare center serving francophones who are poor and facing multiple barriers.

This organization is the only francophone non-profit in Vancouver serving those in need of housing, legal aid, employment, social intervention and mental health supports. Thanks again to everyone who volunteered to help make the holiday season in Vancouver a great time for everyone.



Celebrate Trees Gastown and Richmond Cafes Anniversary

coffee cafe roasting house Vancouver Gastown Richmond party

Free slices of cheesecake – all day long

All fans of our coffeehouses and lovers of our award-winning cheesecake are invited to an anniversary party at Trees Organic cafes in Gastown (Vancouver) and Richmond. Our Gastown location is having its second anniversary and our Richmond café is turning lucky seven!

This Thursday, December 15, enjoy some holiday party atmosphere as our cafés will be serving up FREE slices of our classic New York cheesecake and holiday-featured Chocolate Orange cheesecake all day long.

Yes, you read that right: Free Trees Organic cheesecake. All. Day. Long. Grab a slice and enjoy. But remember, the parties are only happening at our Gastown and Richmond locations.

Wait… Sorry? You love Trees cheesecake and coffee, but you haven’t visited our other café locations yet? Well, come on down. Don’t be shy. It’s a party.

Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House anniversary locations:

Gastown Vancouver

321 Water Street

Vancouver, BC

Richmond Library & Cultural Centre

7700 Minoru Gate

Richmond, BC

Invite your friends to the party!

Hey, we’re friendly. The more the merrier. Tweet, Facebook, email and call your friends down to enjoy some cheesecake, coffee, treats and good times at Trees Organic cafes.



Yaletown Mini-Market at Trees Cafe

Yaletown mini market cafe coffeehouse gift ideas holiday XmasYou’re invited to the Yaletown Mini-Market at Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood (1391 Richards Street, at the corner of Richards and Pacific) on special days through November and December.

Check out some unique holiday gift ideas and and support your local creative entrepreneurs, jewelry makers and other artisans.

Supporting Yaletown small businesspeople with creative products


Arbonne Skin Products with Megan. Arbonne has skin care products based on botanical principles, Its products support both inner and outer health. For more information, check out or email

Dates & Times:

  • Monday, Nov 28th  3pm-7pm
  • Monday, Dec 5th  3pm-7pm
  • Monday, Dec 12th  3pm-7pm
  • Monday, Dec 19th  3pm-7pm

Stella & Dot Jewelry with Amy. Check out this unique line of jewelry that will help you accessorize in time for the holidays. Stella and Dot’s one of a kind collections are designed by celebrated New York designers and featured in Gossip Girl, In Style and Lucky Magazine as well as on the wrists and necklines of today’s hottest celebrities.

Contact Amy for more details

Dates & Times:

  • Monday, Nov28th  3pm-7pm
  • Monday, Dec 5th  3pm-7pm

BlueBeesNetwork with Kelsey. A Networking Group in Vancouver that focuses on teaching the Art of Manifestation and the sacred vibrations of the feminine energies. Contact Kelsey or visit

Dates & Times:

  • Saturday, Dec 3rd  1pm-4pm
  • Sunday, Dec 11th  1pm-4pm
  • Saturday, Dec 17th  1pm-4pm

Want to display your wares at the Yaletown Mini-Market at Trees Organic?

Are you a customer of Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House in Vancouver? Do you have a home-based business and need a venue to build your business?

Contact Trees Organic’s Yaletown store manager Adam for details at (604)689-1020 or email

Interview with a Trees Organic Cafe Barista

Vancouver cafe coffeehouse barista serving coffeeTrees Organic barista Irene took a few moments out of her busy day so she could tell us what it’s like working in the heart of Vancouver’s café culture. Thanks, Irene!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am quarter Japanese and three-quarters Korean. I moved to Vancouver in 2005. I love to sit in cafes and write letters. I like to ride my bike with my friends to Commercial Drive and explore neat cafes, pubs and restaurants. My hobby is collecting vintage Cameras and Playmobiles. And I am crazy about the band Metronomy, but nowadays I like to listen to Melody Gardot.

What’s so special about organic coffee beans?

Organic Coffee beans are good for you. They are chemical free, environmentally friendly and bird friendly. And we get our beans from fair trade farmers.

What do you like most about working at a cafe?

I love the atmosphere. The staff I work with are amazing and friendly. It’s warm and cozy. The Gastown location has two big windows with benches and pillows which make it a nice and comfortable place to relax, read a book, or hang out with a friend.

What is your favorite Trees beverage to drink and why?

During the summer I love to drink iced Lady Hannah tea. In the autumn, I like to have London Fogs. Our lovely Earl Grey tea has lavender in it which makes it something special. During the winter, I switch over to Soy Mocha. Chocolate makes me happy.

What’s your favorite cheesecake flavor?

That is a very hard question, I am not joking when I say they are all my favorites.

However, if I had to pick one, it would have to be the classic New York with strawberry sauce. During October I do really enjoy our feature of the month which is our Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake. It is so yummy!

Which sandwich would you recommend for lunch?

My favorite Sandwich is Turkey and Brie. The brie is mouth- watering. The crunchy lettuce on the baguette, and the combination of turkey and cranberries is to die for.

Tell us about your favorite customer.

My favorite customer is a girl by the name of Willow who comes in and orders a caramel latte and a scone. She always gets a small table and works on her school work. Also, there’s a gentleman who comes in almost every evening and grabs a skim milk Latte. He seems really humble, polite and genuine.

You’ll always be welcomed at Trees Organic by friendly service with a smile. Our October’s cheesecake flavor is Pumpkin Spice and our featured drink is a Pumpkin Pie Latte. Come into the cafe and enjoy some seasonal good cheer.

Some Positive Reviews from Trees’ Customers

Trees Organic Vancouver Richmond cafe coffeeshop cheesecake cateringWe love it when reviewers, bloggers, Tweeps, Yelpers and foodies of all stripes have nice things to say about our café. It seems people really like our lattes, cheesecake and more; from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the things our customers have been saying about Trees Organic cafes in Vancouver and Richmond:

They seem to like our cheesecake:

“Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House is a nice relaxing café serving good quality coffee and some pretty yummy treats. After much consideration, Chris and I finally decided on which two cheesecakes to try – the Sin and the Blueberry. The Sin Cheesecake is made with Belgian chocolate and sour cherries. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try this one because I’m not a big fan of sour cherries. However, this cake is rightfully named for being “sinfully” delicious. The sweet and tart cherries gave the cheesecake a good level of moisture, making the cake just that much more fluffy. And the chocolate made the cake super smooth and silky. The consistency and sweetness of the cheesecake was just perfect! Mmmm, yummy!”

First, about the scones:

“While Trees doesn’t have any vegan cheesecake, it does sell a vegan scone. And a fine scone it is, too. It seems to have the flavour of both a cinnamon-sugar donut and a cinnamon roll. Packed with pumpkin seeds, raisins, and dried apricots, it’s made with whole-wheat flour, so it packs quite an iron-rich punch. It also has a perfect moistness and texture that would convince any scone aficionado that it wasn’t vegan.”

Our beverages also seemed to be a hit (well, you’d kind of hope so! We’re a café, after all):

“While we’re discussing lattes, we’d like to say that whatever blend Trees uses for its decaf lattes is quite nice.”

“I only discovered Trees recently, as they have a small, but fresh, menu. Their specialty is cheesecake, and supposedly the best in Vancouver. But they also make homemade quiche, soup, and huge variety of unique sandwiches and baked goods.

So far, so good. And our quiche and sandwiches have a lot of personality:

The quiche comes in two types: Ham & Cheddar or Spinach & Feta. Simple maybe, but boring no. The crust is homemade and it comes with a small side salad that has dried cranberries, pumpkin & sunflower seeds. The sandwiches, which I have yet to try, are on fresh baguettes, warmed and with unique ingredients, such as Bocconcini, Tomato & Basil, or a vegetarian with Chevre, Basil, Capers and Roasted Pepper.”

Have you been to any Trees Organic cafes in Vancouver or Richmond? We’d love to hear your feedback to let us know how we’re doing (and how we can serve you better!). Leave a comment here, review us on your own blog, tweet us up or talk to one of our friendly servers. Let us know what you like!


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